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We offer regular swimming pool services to all home owners along Algarve coast area within about 20 minutes drive from Albufeira town.

We do offer both service and maintenance of any size swimming pools, including regular clearing and cleaning of pool and surrounding areas, cleaning of tiles and maintaining pool surfaces, filter regular clearing and sand filter maintenance as well as system schedule monitoring to ensure the most efficient cycles.

Chemical balance is very important for both water quality and healthy use your swimming pool. Chemical balance of your pool water is maintained to ensure its safe use by adults and children. Schedule of regular checks is automatically adjusted according to surrounding temperature as well as intensity of us of your pool.

Overall cleaning includes removal of leaves, bugs and other foreign objects from the water, cleaning of tiles, cleaning of filters and catching baskets, maintaining of optimal water level.

Remember, maintaining correct pump timing and water levels significantly reduces the need for excessive chemical inputs as well as prolongs the life of filters and reduces energy consumption of your system !

If you have any questions about your swimming pool or need to rescue it, please, contact us and we'll be happy to advise and discuss any requirements.

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